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Software Installation

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At Elsha Technologies, we are not only conversant with hardware maintenance and replacement. We supply and install software from reputable vendors. Our software is genuine as we have dealerships with leading industry brands.



We supply and install various major operating systems. Operating systems are software that interacts direct with firmware which makes it possible for computers to be operable.

Windows Operating Systems

Windows is an operating system brand and is owned by Microsoft. The operating system is not for free although most PC’s are bought with the operating system as an OEM. This operating system command the bulk of the personal computing user platform.

Linux Operating System

This is a free or Open Based Operating system. It is free to download, install and use. It is licensed under the creative commons license. The Linux kennel is free to edit and modify.

Mac Os

Mac Os is proprietary software that is owned by Apple. It is not free and only works on Apple manufactured devices

These are the three major or well known operating systems. All the three have different flavours and versions of the operating system. We have all version of the above operating systems together with other minor operating systems that are not mentioned here.


Office suites, or office packages are programs or pieces of software that are created to handle daily running of office documents. These pieces of software usually comprise of an interface for the typing and editing of text documents. Another popular interface is one that has the ability to deal with tabular data such as spreadsheets.

Yet some of the interfaces make it possible to create and use presentations. There is also some interface for the creation and management of diagrams. These office suites comprise of proprietary as well as non proprietary. An example of proprietary office suite is Microsoft Office. There are many versions of this suite and we install all of them depending on the requirements of the client.


This is a group of software that makes the computer system capable of handling many different tasks. Anti-virus software is also classified under utilities as well as media players, portable document readers, archiving format utilities and other software that are dedicated to improve one set of function such as graphics design software.

Popular feature

Software Drives Your Computer Capability

For you to achieve much on your personal computer (PC) it is largely depended on your PC specifications and the software resident in it. We can make your PC more useful by supplying you with a wide range of genuine and productive software.

Process breakdown

  • Visit our office or Call us.
  • Tell us what the problem is.
  • We give you recommendations.
  • You accept the recommendations.
  • Buy software & we install it for you.


We receive your equipment

Your equipment is received


Diagnose and repair

We look at and repair your equipment


You pick up your equipment

You come, pay for and collect your equipment

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