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What You Must Know About Printers

Printers can be classified into groups using different ways. One way is to group them using the type of consumable ink they used. Using this method, we have three major types:

  • Dot Matrix / Impact Printers
  • Inkjet
  • Laserjet

Dot matrix or impact printers are those printers which use continuous feed paper rolls that are usually used for payrolls. The paper rolls have perforations on both edges which are used as guides when printing. Printing is due to a print head with raised letters, digits and figures which hit a ribbon that transfers color on to paper. These are old, but they are still found in some businesses.

Inkjet printers use liquid ink that is send as a jet through thin nozzles on the print head.

Laser printers are so named because they used a laser beam of light during their printing process. Laserjet printers use toner as a consumable, which is a thin powder that is transferred on to paper through electromagnetism.

The inkjet and laserjet printers are further divided into two through functionality embedded in them. There are printers with a single print function and others called multi-function printers that have copy, scan and print functionality.

Dot Matrix Printer

dot Matrix printer

Inkjet Printer

Multi Function Printer

multifunction printer

In most cases, dot matrix or impact printers and some other laserjet printers have a small form factor and are usually referred to as desktop printers. This are usually light weight printer with a small to large duty cycle. Duty cycle is measured by the number of prints that a printer is rated to make per month.

Large free standing heavy duty multi functional printers are too heavy to and bulky to be placed on top of desktops. These usually come assembled on trolleys to allow them to be easily moved along.

At Elsha technologies, we are proud to sale and service these myriad types of printers, enabling the smooth flow of businesses through our support

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