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Data Recovery

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The Importance of Data

Most computer users have had to deal with data loss at some point. Data loss might seem like a very minor issue especially if the lost data can be replaced easily.

There are cases where losing data can be very tragic. Lets take for an example that you are invited to be a photographer on a friend’s wedding. After a hectic day of work you view the pictures that you have taken on the digital camera that you used. You are quite satisfied with the pictures you took but you are too tired and you want to retire early to bed.

The following day you eject the memory card inorder to retrieve the photos and whammm! the memory card is blank.

This was your friend’s wedding and although you might want to tell yourself that you may catch them on their honeymoon, you know for sure that honeymoon photos are not wedding photos.

You also know for sure that even if you could persuade your friend to wear the wedding suit and the bride to wear her gown, your effort can never recapture that moment when they were surrounded by happy uncles, nieces and aunts and you can never recapture the multitude of friends and relatives that had graced the occasion.

On the side of business, businesses usually use servers or workstations. These may be loaded with very important information like clients directories, plans, sketches etc. If a business would loose that information, will it be easily replaceable?

The obvious answer is no. With our data recovery service, we assure you that you need not cry over your loss. We will ensure that you get back your important information. Data recovery is an important function. Hard drives, memory cards and most devices that store data are prone to failure of one kind or another. We are here when you need us.