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Computer Repairs

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When you buy equipment, be it computers or otherwise, your primary concern is knowing what to do if it stops working.

Computers are now the primary driver of all business. They are used in capturing sales, receipting, inventory management and other critical functions. If they cease to perform or under-perform for whatever reason, losses are to be expected. Here is where you need a recovery policy that ensures that your downtime is cut to a minimum.

Elsha Technologies understands that no amount of unplanned downtime is acceptable. We have a disaster response team that stays on high alert to respond to active equipment malfunctions. For a more effective response, we encourage our clients to sign a Service Level Agreement with us which takes care of all emergencies that may arise.

A client under an SLA is given top priority and is to be responded to within 30 minutes of filling a report at least to assess what remedy is needed to keep computer system up and running.

Our Statistics
Devices That we serviced in 2019

Below is a pie chart of devices that we serviced in the year 2019. It gives a breakdown of equipment that passed through our workshop throughout the year.

  • Screens
  • Computers
  • Printers

This year, we have repaired

Screen Replacements

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