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A computer virus is malicious code which is created to disrupt computer systems. These may be created to replicate thereby consuming storage space as well as creating an unnecessary resource overload in RAM. An object to deny genuine software resource access is classified as Denial of Service or (DoD).

Some viruses are created in order to enable remote access to a computer by an unauthorized person. This is called a backdoor. Malicious software is loaded into a computer system. The malicious software will have a vulnerability that is only known by the creator of the software. This vulnerability is what black hat hackers use to gain access to  a computer system.

Antivirus software is what protects computer systems from viruses. Business information is important in so far as in it is a company’s confidential documents. Protecting this information from  alteration, deletion or access denial is very important. Antivirus resides in a machine and constantly scans each and every activity, looking out for activity that strongly resembles a virus.

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